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These are more of a kite than a flying disc as we know it today, but it is a good example of a toy company cashing in of the term, "flying disc" that had become common during World War II, and before the term, "flying saucer" caught on.  It is also a good example of the fact that, in 1948, they still hadn't figured out that you could get lift from a disc.  The lift for Wirlwing Flying Discs was a wing attached between the 2 discs.  Wirlwing was flown like a kite with a U-control string.

Wirlwing was made by Wirlwing Flying Company in San Gabriel, Ca in 1948, the same year Wham-O was founded in the area.  It was heavily advertised around the US in the Spring of 1948.  There were newspaper articles telling readers not to be alarmed by the flying discs and that they would soon be as popular as yo-yos.

I can find no record of Wirlwing Flying Company, and I have been unsuccessful in finding one.  The best I can do is provide this original newspaper as from 1948.

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