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Here is an example of a Wham-O Mini from each of the first 4 periods. The first and second periods are identifiable by the cupola. Those periods can be separated by the flight rings on the cupola roof, first period having none. The third and fourth periods can be separated by the dimple at the center. 

November 1967 Mini introduced. 

Mini package dates:

4-pack 1967

2-pack 1968

Red/Blue/Yellow 1968

Moonlighter 1969

Red/White/Blue 1970

The first Minis were produced before Wham-O was granted the Frisbee patent and therefore is embossed "Pat Pend".

Minis were introduced 4 months before the Master Model. Minis were made to resemble a Pro model, therefore "Mini Master" is a misnomer.

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