These are Humphrey Flyer 4" Minis from Domino's Pizza. Based on logo dating, the "Domino's Pizza Delivers..." Mini was made during the 1982-1985 timeframe. The Noid was created in 1986 by Group 243, the advertising agency for Domino's Pizza. The Noid was a physical manifestation of all the challenges (becoming annoyed‚ "a noid") inherent in getting a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less.  On January 30, 1989, a man with the surname of Noid thought the ads were a personal attack on him and held two employees of an Atlanta Domino's restaurant hostage for over five hours. After forcing them to make him a pizza and making demands for $100,000, getaway transportation, and a copy of The Widow's Son, Noid surrendered to the police.  After the incident ended, Police Chief Reed Miller offered an assessment to reporters: "He's paranoid.