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McDonald's has released dozens of Minis as promotions and Happy Meal toys over the decades, both in the US and around the World.

Ronald McDonald Magic Lid was issued in November 1970.

Ronald McDonald Happy Lid was issued in July 1971. The Blue Happy Lid is very rare.

The 3 Wham-O Minis were never put into production.

Ronald McDonald Red, Orange, and Yellow with Embossed Head are from the same sunken-center molds as the Tron Minis from Canada.

McDonald's Fly Angle in Red and Yellow -1979
Ronald McDonald Flinger - 1981

McDonald's Tosser Saucer - 1983

Ronald McDonald House Floater Mini

Ronald McDonald Fly-Angle 4/4 set - 1986
Ronald McDonald Fling 'n Fly - 1987
Ronald McDonald Wild West Flinger - 1987
Ronald McDonald Flying Wheel - 1987
McPizza - Sometime between 1992 and 1999
Ronald McDonald Throwing 4/4 Set (Australia) - 1991

Ronald McDonald "Claw' hand 2/4 Set (Australia) - 1991
McDonald's Sports 4/4 Set - 1997

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