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In the early 1973, when Burger Chef was the second largest fast food company behind McDonald's, the chain introduced the Funburger and the Funmeal, with packaging that included stories about Burger Chef and Jeff's adventures and friends with riddles, puzzles, and small toys.

It is 3.5" in diameter, yellow and blue, Incrediburgible! and images of Burger Chef and Jeff embossed on top, Made in USA on bottom. 1972 copyright on Mini, but not released until 1973.

The 1972 Burger Chef Marketing Planner has a page showing several premiums planned for the following year (1973), including the 2 different colors (in black and white) of the Mini.

The character in the mold embossing is slightly different from each other.  One is made from glow material and made between 1976 and 1978.

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