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Chemtoy Corp. was a Chicago-based toy firm formerly known as Chemical Sundries, a cleaning supply company thatrevolutionized the toy world in the early 1940s by bottling bubble blowing solution.  Tootsietoy Company later acquired the company.By the 1960s, Chemtoy had become the premiere U.S. producer of low cost novelties and rack toys. They had plants in Cicero, Ill, and Los Angeles, Ca. Chemtoy Corp. filed for bankruptcy in 1978.The package of Chemtoy Zingers has a 1972 Copyright date. The same package is shown in the 1974 Chemtoy catalog (printed in 1973).The orange single package is an obvious rip-off. The loose Zingers were 10 cents each. The Quali-toy is marked 69 cents (same price as the 4-pack).  That's a pretty steep markup.The yellow single package says "Hong Kong" on the package, but "Made in USA" on the Zinger.

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