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First made in 1975 by Jack Kettlestrings and patented in 1976, they are still made today. They are 1.75" diameter, with a flat plastic launcher tab that hooks into the rim of the Mini.  They are excellent flyers.

The Fruity Freakies are from 1975, marked "Pat Pend".

The Burger King 2-color set from first half of 1978, has a patent number. 

The Burger Chef pair have slight variations in the character embossing and may have been from different years.  One is made from glow material. 

The Cookie Crisp set is made in Mexico. 

The Quaker Cap'n Crunch 2-piece glow-in-the-dark set.

There is a salesman's sample pack of 4 from Newton Mfg. Co. in Iowa, a large manufacturer and distributor of promotional products.

There are some gumball machine prizes, blanks, and various marketing examples.

The package and Minis contains the 2017 redesigned launchers.

There are even a few foreign knockoffs.

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Space Hole Target Game from Castle Rock, a divisions  of K-tel Int'l Inc. 1979 Pat. number 3959915.

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