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Nabisco Shreddies Tron

These Minis were made in Canada for Nabisco Shreddies as a tie-in to the release of the Walt Disney movie, Tron.  The Minis have a 1981 date on the back, which also says "Canada", but they were released in 1982, only in Canada.  They are 3.5" diameter with a depressed center similar to the molds similar to those used by McDonald's, General Mills, and others.  They were made in 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and green, and with 4 characters: Tron, Flynn, Sark, and Yori.

Nabisco Shreddies Darkwing Duck

These Minis were distributed in Shreddies cereal in Canada as a tie-in to the US animated action comedy TV series, Darkwing Duck, produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1991 and 1992.  They were probably released in 1992.  They appear very similar to the Flip 'n Fly molds.  They came packaged with a stick-on label with 4 different Darkwing Duck characters.

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