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Gilbert Giddyup's Flying Saucer

1974, 3.75" diameter, orange (Gilbert corporate color at the time), no writing on backside except mold numbers. Very similar to "Made in U.S.A." minis.

It's All Here At Hardee

1984 or 1985, 3.5" diameter, orange, "It's All Here At Hardee's" embossed on top.

Micro Super Soakers

Hardee's issued 2 versions of Larami's Micro Super Soaker, the first in 1994 as part of a 4 Super Soaker set, and the second in 1995 as part of a set of 6.  They are 3.9" in diameter with a pressurized water sprayer in the center.  The 1994 version is green and yellow, the 1995 set red and purple.

Hardee's Pepsi Comeback Cup

Made by Whirley Industries with the FLIPIT lid in 1986 or 1987.

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