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Miniature Minis are usually associated with dolls and dollhouses. The first couple below are one-of-a-kind hand made as dollhouse furniture.  Barbie hopped into the act with a number of Minis, including the smallest official Frisbee branded plastic disc known.  It was made during the time that Barbie's maker, Mattel, also owned Wham-O.  Along that line, the Coke Mini must be the smallest of the countless Coke discs made over the years. The smallest Frisbee branded disc I know of is "made with real fruit" in the form of Fruit Corners Tutti-Frutti Surf's Up Frisbee Fruit Pieces, made in 1991 and an official sponsor of the Junior World Frisbee Championships. There are a couple of Minis from launchers, and PVC figures with Minis.

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