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The trademark for Zzzoom-It was applied for on Oct 5, 1970 and the copyright date on the box is 1970, but I believe these didn't reach the market until early 1971. In a newspaper ad from Mar 25, 1971 the Zzzoom-It is presented as "New From Mattel".  It was extensively advertised in print and on TV for the rest of the year, not only in North America, but also South America.

It was also manufactured and released and advertised in Europe. In some European countries, the spelling was changed to Zzzum-It.

In the Americas, Zzzoom-It was sold as a single package and a "Contest Set" with 2 shooters and targets. In Europe, the 2 player set was called the "Competition Set".

Zzzoom-It is my favorite of all disc launchers. Not only does it launch with accuracy, you can catch the disc in flight with the scoop and it drops into the chamber to be launched again.

The set contains 6 2.2" diameter discs in yellow and pink. The launcher and discs are made in Mexico.

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