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The box top reads : "Flying Saucer Men.  Patent Pending.  Wheel 'Em. Fly 'Em.  Sail 'Em.  A Creation of WS [in upside down triangle logo].  Manufactured by Industrial Die Cutting Co.  310-314 17th Street, Union City, New Jersey."  Industrial Die Cutting Co. was listed as a New Jersey Trade Name on August 3, 1951. The corporate site for Industrial Die Cutting at 310 17th St, Union City, NJ 07087 was replaced by a single family home built in 1966.

The box contains the cardboard sling shot space gun or saucer launcher; 4 discs with great graphics showing Space Men with wings & rocket packs, a three piece stand up target with two sides & center section with slots, and a directions sheet.

The box measures 16 1/2 inches long X 6 inches wide X 3/4 inch high. The discs are 3 1/2 inches diameter.

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